Anna und Berta Hofer

Anna und Berta Hofer


The two sisters freed themselves from the corset of their ancestors and dressed in a jazzy form.

They combine our pieces of residual wood in a style-conscious way. With the profile edge `Ducknose´ we play with the self-ironic but nevertheless sexy Duckface of the two ladies.

And also in the option MDF or synthetic resin the two make a great figure. (see single pieces) Link erstellen!

Anna is the firstborn, Berta the little sister.

Surface                oiled

Anna                                       L 117 W 84 H 38 cm                     from 1’330.- Fr.

Berta                                       L 72 W 50 H 35 cm                     from 1’130.- Fr.

Combination                                                                                 from 2’210.- Fr.