Mr. Ryan's cousin has an oval, slightly boat-shaped outline and is available in one size. The profile edge is rounded at the top and sloping at the bottom and reminds of a toucan nose.

This table is particularly suitable for urban nomads. A hammer blow and the table leg is released from its guide. The legs are nevertheless firmly anchored in the dovetail guide via the slight angle of inclination.

This traditional and very simple burr strip mechanism has almost disappeared from furniture construction. With Lafayette we combine old knowledge with the present.

Despite its size, the round tabletop looks soft and light.

Surface                                          oiled

Sice                                   L 210 W 102 H 74 cm                     from 4870.- Fr.

Profile edge toucan nose

As craftsmen and artists we compose wooden surfaces with a unique character. We will be happy to advise you and find your favourite type of wood together with you.