Monsieur Rousseau


Monsieur Rousseau


Rousseau fits into your think tank just as well as in your entrance. It is the first recipient of your letters, key holder and charging station for your mobile devices.

If you fall in love with this secretary, you take it as it is.

Frame                                 oiled

Wood walnut

Desk                                      Linoleum black, matt

Console                                L 115 W 50 H 90 cm          3050.- Fr.                       

Pen tray       L 30 W 16 H 13 cm                                    350.- Fr.

Linoleum is a product that fits perfectly into the office area. In addition to a warm and soft feel, it is also the perfect base for almost any writing utensil.

Linoleum is an invention from the 19th century and consists mainly natural products such as linseed oil, cork flour and jute.